Blocko: Anchoring Blockchain Success

Blocko: Anchoring Blockchain Success

CIO VendorWon-Beom Kim, Founder
From financial services to factory shop floors, blockchain’s impact is widespread. Won-Beom Kim draws our attention towards the chasm between client expectation and product experience in blockchain enterprise solutions. Standing apart from the compeers, Blocko fulfills business’ operational needs with its Coinstack platform, while enabling their entry into an era of unprecedented growth in terms of revenue and opportunities. Blocko’s blockchain as a service platform enables businesses to build decentralized services. “Coinstack remarkably reduces blockchain learning and adoption time and makes the technology as simple as any other middleware or software,” states Kim, Founder of Blocko.

Coinstack underpins a great miscellany of enterprise-grade applications and integrations with different environments. “Clients can tackle critical operational issues quickly and resolve the intricate problems in the capital market arena,” says Kim. Blocko recognizes the high probability of getting lost in the labyrinth of blockchain while developing applications. In order to avoid adverse outcomes, Coinstack comes with API and SDK templates to empower clients. Businesses can leverage these in-built templates to design applications for electronic document management, biometric authentication, and other intricate areas in banking, finance, and numerous other sectors.

Clients can install Coinstack on their existing infrastructure or choose the cloud-based version. For Coinstack, Blocko provides full-fledged support for deployment and distribution of applications to a variety of machines that include mainframe computers and any connected device. Plugins simplify accessing different devices and the platform independence of Coinstack delivers seamless user experience even if users migrate from one device to another device.

Blocko undertakes a detailed groundwork to zero in on business requirements and document all the processes to evaluate a client’s readiness for blockchain transformation. Blocko performs installation, maintenance, monitoring of client’s existing systems. Kim’s team ascertains the compatibility of different devices and assists customers to expedite learning process. Blocko’s clients present unique challenges as they belong to different verticals and the company incorporates these inputs to enhance its solution and add value to its holistic suite. This continuous improvement process led to the transformation of startup stock trading platform called Korea Startup Market (KSM). The Coinstack platform revolutionized the traditional OTC trade of face-to-face trading as well as over the phone trade into online, expediting trading process from 2 to 3 days into 1 to 3 hours.

In one of the implementation highlights, Hyundai, a leading conglomerate of Korea, which includes Hyundai-Kia Auto, Hyundai Card, Hyundai Capital, Hyundai Life and more, had to constrain the number of solutions from different providers and limit the capital expenditure on their car platform. Blockchain based Coinstack emerged as the optimal platform as it offers electronic signature and document management, database, and middleware as single software and simplified system architecture. With the deployment of Coinstack, Hyundai could underpin an array of applications, unify and streamline a multitude of processes, execute tasks from a single pane, and attain flexibility in operations. Eventually, the client could prune the expenditure on different software and applications.

Alike Hyundai, the success of Coinstack is evident in numerous verticals and the success stories become a key ingredient in Blocko’s partnership with multinational corporations. In one of the instances, Samsung’s division—Samsung Card—leveraged Blocko’s platform to implement enterprise grade infrastructure for delivering internal and external services. Impressed with the success of Coinstack, Samsung opened doors of its other businesses such as Samsung Insurance to Blocko.

Blocko is also working in diverse areas of supply chain management and verticals that direly need connectivity solutions. Blocko’sleadership firmly believes in the potential of blockchain technology and foresees its emergence as a game-changer not just in capital markets but also in various industrial sectors.