HHS Tech Group: Navigating the Blockchain Wave

HHS Tech Group: Navigating the Blockchain Wave

CIO VendorFaiyaz Shikari, President & CTO
Blockchain as a technology innovation fosters decentralization. Interestingly, that’s where the world of enterprise-tech is headed, be it storage or computing. From a process management perspective, blockchain’s immutability translates as a panacea for all “proof and trust” predicaments that may be associated with any enterprise process. As such, the technology is bound to revolutionize the way businesses are run and, and can even eliminate the need for a centralized overseeing authority. However, like any nascent tech innovation, blockchain adoption amongst enterprises is yet to reach its full swing. Many companies lag behind in identifying the value proposition that blockchain could bring about for their processes. The knowledge, as well as the skill gap in implementing blockchain infrastructures, is yet another hurdle. With the vision to accelerate the democratization of the technology across various industry verticals, Florida-based HHS Tech Group helps enterprises attain scalable, real-world blockchain solutions in addition to providing end-to-end services and support.

“We have a well-defined process and technology stack to work with our clients and help them with their ideal blockchain use case. We provide clients with a sandbox environment, and deliver a quick POC to assist them in ascertaining the most apt blockchain-enhanced workflow that they can implement,” says Faiyaz Shikari, the President and CTO at HHS Technology Group. From strategy assessments to holistic solution design, technology workshops for hands-on training and prototyping, and third-party vendor integration and custom development—HHSTech’ blockchain solutions encompasses it all.

We have created a detailed documentation on how process transactions actually flow in a blockchain framework, so that our clients understand the before and after scenarios of leveraging the framework,” adds Mr. Shikari. To accelerate their client’s blockchain adoption, HHSTech brings to the table, a pre-built universal blockchain technology platform, UniBloc that comes readily bundled with modules and algorithms for membership, consensus, API management, and Peer2Peer communication that can be used with Blockchain frameworks like IBM HyperLedger Fabric, Corda, NEM or Ethereum.

The customer success instance of a sports-media company best exemplifies the HHS Tech’ blockchain expertise. In partnership with HHS Tech, FANDOM SPORTS Media, a premier fan-focused content aggregator is enroute to launching the blockchain-powered avatar of their platform. The upgrade—in addition to rendering the platform as a fool-proof, fraud-proof betting facilitator—will also enable fans to tokenize points for contributing content. From ideation to full implementation, HHS Tech will assist Fandom Sports to tap from the power of blockchain. HHSTech is in negotiations with a pharmaceutical entity from Finland in a bid to power their entire supply chain using blockchain.

HHSTech has developed purpose-built blockchain product rollouts to facilitate the healthcare industry, particularly in ensuring accuracy with electronic health record management. The company’s MediBook offering—which will be launched early next year— leverages blockchain to revolutionize the way patient data is maintained by giving complete data autonomy to patients. Given the siloed nature in which patient data is maintained by providers today, MediBook ensures consistency in data updates and eliminates the need for unnecessary replication. Furthermore HHS Tech’s Discover your Provider (DyPTM), Discover your Member (DyMTM), and Financial Management (For Health & Human Service programs) offerings address a plethora of process streamlining predicaments using the immutability factor of blockchain. Be it provider enrolment and screening, or adjustment, and payment and maintaining the history of claims, they cover it all. With a robust set of offerings that promise to revolutionize the healthcare space, along with a vertical-agnostic stack tech and team expertise, HHSTech is rightly positioned to surf their clients through the impending blockchain wave.