Kaleido: The Enterprise Blockchain Easy Button

Kaleido: The Enterprise Blockchain Easy Button

CIO VendorSophia Lopez, Founder & COO and Steve Cerveny, Founder & CEO
Not many years ago the CRM space was completely dominated by on-premises software applications which were proprietary, expensive, and inflexible. Salesforce stormed in and redefined the whole CRM space. With easy-to-use SaaS functionality and low cost of entry, Salesforce simplified CRM and democratized access to readily available cutting-edge technology. “We are doing the same to blockchain, making it easier for enterprises to adopt and harness blockchain’s true potential,” asserts Steve Cerveny, Founder and CEO at Kaleido. In the past year, Kaleido has transformed from stealth ConsenSys spoke to the leading enterprise blockchain solution, born from ConsenSys’s venture studio incubation model. In a marquee partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Kaleido now offers its Blockchain Business Cloud, and is recognized as one of the Top 10 Blockchain Solution Providers for 2018 for its ability to help leading financial services organizations break through the hype and achieve real blockchain innovation.

Kaleido was built to accelerate the implementation of blockchain by taking the technology hurdles off the table. Cerveny highlights that most CIOs today face a multitude of problems in the journey from blockchain exploration to real production business networks. Owing to distributed networks, consensus, smart contracts, neoteric protocols, and heavy cryptography which are embedded within the blockchain infrastructure, it is a steep uphill climb for enterprises where the requisite skills are in short supply. Then, to marry these new technologies with their legacy backend production systems presents a whole new set of challenges.

In situations where enterprises might fail to churn the true essence out of blockchain, Kaleido brings its “easy button” approach without sacrificing choice and flexibility in customizing the environment to individual demands. With the Blockchain Business Cloud, Kaleido delivers a complete all-in-one SaaS solution that goes way beyond today’s scripts and templates and can truly accelerate the entire blockchain journey from exploratory proof of concepts to pilots and production networks. “Our platform is a true SaaS implementation which brings all the benefits of a SaaS model to the enterprise blockchain market. With no underlying infrastructure, it is easy to adopt and has tiered plans for different stages of a project’s life-cycle.” says Sophia Lopez, Founder and COO at Kaleido.

What differentiates Kaleido from other blockchain solution providers is the fact that it takes the prerequisite of deep blockchain knowledge out of users’ hands and provides services that are not only easy to use but also extremely innovative. Kaleido offers all the benefits of the underlying technology while delivering the necessary levels of security, performance, and cloud scale that enterprises and highly regulated industries require. The first enterprise blockchain SaaS platform to feature Ethereum, an open source blockchain-based protocol, Kaleido uniquely allows clients to tie their private chains to the Ethereum mainnet to improve immutability and reduce the potential for collusion.

Lopez goes on to talk about Kaleido’s role in Project i2i which seeks to provided financial access to over 35 million unbanked Filipinos across the rural communities of the Philippines. Kaleido is also powering Komgo, a new commodities trade finance consortium which is comprised of some of the largest banks and commercial institutions in the world. As the foremost blockchain platform, Kaleido is also driving an impact in other industries such as travel, healthcare, supply chain and more, tackling problems like reservation systems, self-sovereign genomics, land registry, and intellectual property rights.

Kaleido has quickly established a global presence and is serving up hundreds of new blockchain networks every month. The company is set to announce an expanded portfolio of new features and capabilities including new priced enterprise plans for production-grade deployments. With over a thousand blockchain networks running on the Kaleido platform across the globe, Lopez reveals that Kaleido has quickly become the enterprise blockchain innovation platform of choice for Fortune 100 companies.