Top 10 Blockchain Solution Providers - 2018
BLOQ: Building Next-Generation Blockchain Solutions

Top 10 Blockchain Solution Providers - 2018

Fundamentally, blockchain signifies a new paradigm for the way information is shared and companies are stepping up to figure out how they can use the distributed ledger technology to save time and admin costs. Blockchain technology has exhibited exceptional competency in enabling fast, secure, and completely transparent validation of transactions. Besides, the decentralized and distributed nature of blockchains makes it a flexible force of strategic benefit for several industries.

Currently, blockchain technology has also been attributed notably on the regulatory agenda. For the reason that, blockchain has the prospective to ease regulatory issues by increasing transparency and liquidity, building trust between market contestants, improving accessibility to the markets through lower transaction costs, and also securing the data.

Meanwhile blockchain technology holds huge potential to disrupt any industry today, creating a more prosperous world where people get to participate in the value that they create. Among these constantly evolving features in blockchain technology, companies have to organize themselves to offer best customer support and partner with the right blockchain technology solution provider. To assist you, our distinguished selection panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts, and the magazine’s editorial board has selected a list of companies that exhibit innovative technologies and approaches.

In our selection, we looked at the vendor’s capability to deliver cost-effective and flexible solutions that cater to the needs of today’s businesses.

We present to you Capital Markets CIO Outlook’s “Top 10 Blockchain Solution Providers – 2018.”

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
AlphaPoint AlphaPoint Distributed Ledger Platform provides the tools to rapidly develop and deploy a wide range of financial solutions
BLOQ Delivers comprehensive, enterprise-class blockchain solutions to business, while continuing to support innovation in the blockchain and open-source ecosystem
Civic Technologies, Inc. Civic allows people to control the use of their identity information by using blockchain identity verification technology
Cognive Provides an AI-powered distributed ledger platform for financial institutions
Global Debt Registry The GDR platform supports the tokenization of loan information and improves the efficiency of participation in the structured credit ecosystem
HHS Tech Group Accelerating the democratization of the blockchain technology across various industry verticals
Kaleido Kaleido is an all-in-one enterprise SaaS platform that radically simplifies creation and operation of secure private chains
Leaf Global Fintech Provides safe asset transfer and storage to refugees around the world through blockchain technology
Ripple Provides global financial settlement solutions to enable the world to exchange value like it already exchanges information
TradeIX Provides Banking as a Platform focused on Trade Finance