Top 10 Blockchain Solution Companies - 2017- Companies
Peer Ledger: Redefining The Power Of Blockchain

Top 10 Blockchain Solution Companies - 2017

Blockchain has arrived at the global stage as a major disruptive force. With the vigor to trigger a paradigm shift in the existing workflow, blockchain is fast permeating into the core of corporate strategy. As the power of blockchain beguiles more organizations, several of them are vetting blockchain’s real potential, and are continuing its exploration.

The decentralized and distributed nature of the blockchain supports collaboration and trust in the online space. The corollary of these new possibilities is that businesses can be streamlined by eschewing intermediaries and doing business with confidence. As the compliance mandates grow more stringent in the areas of security, blockchain certainly emerges as an ace in the hole.

What is more, the government’s role in enforcing blockchain based payment methods is gradually increasing. Regulatory requirements have already been formulated to facilitate blockchain adoption. This progression will create new grounds for blockchain innovation which entails a new world driven by trust. Furthermore, intuitive blockchain solutions that challenge the status quo are already entering the market.

In this scenario, to help CIOs find the right blockchain solution provider, a distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, analysts and the Capital Markets CIO Outlook editorial board has selected the leading technology companies in this arena. In our selection, we looked at the vendor’s capability to deliver cost-effective and flexible solutions that cater to the pressing needs of today’s businesses.

We present to you Capital Markets CIO Outlook’s Top 10 Blockchain Solution Providers 2017.

  • Top 10 Blockchain Solution Companies

  • Promotes digital assets development and implementation on blockchain technology through its VeChain application

  • Blocko provides Blockchain services to various industries

  • Creating a smart billing and payment network for businesses by using blockchain and SaaS technologies

  • Provider of blockchain-based solutions for identity management and supply chain in the precious metals industry

  • Provider of blockchain-based solutions for banks, exchanges, and other financial institutions

  • Blockstream


    Blockstream was founded to develop new ways to accelerate innovation in crypto currencies

  • Bloq


    Bloq delivers an enterprise grade blockchain experience based on the core values of open source

  • R3


    R3 is a financial technology company that brings blockchain inspired technology to the financial markets

  • Skuchain


    Skuchain is a blockchain platform that provides transparency, security and efficiency to the supply chain

  • Symbiont


    Symbiont is the market-leading smart contracts platform for institutional applications of distributed ledger technology