TradeIX: Banking as a Platform focused on Trade Finance

TradeIX: Banking as a Platform focused on Trade Finance

CIO VendorRobert Barnes, CEO
The trade finance market, whose current volume is $8 trillion (Source: ICC Research Foundation), is still functioning in a high cost, high maintenance old world model involving several parties, overreliance on human intervention, and paper-based systems. This has made global trade complex, risky, inefficient and exclusive. TradeIX, a Dublin based company with operations in the UK, Singapore and the U.S. aims to supersede this highly inefficient model by a smarter, better connected, highly automated and far more open and inclusive infrastructure, enabling private sector growth, healthier economies, and entirely new business models.

The company’s TradeIX Platform is delivered to banks and their corporate clients via ERP-embedded applications and leverages blockchain technology and open APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). “The result is reduced complexity and the number of intermediaries involved; reduces settlement, custodian and counterparty risk, and efficient management of credit risks,” remarks Robert Barnes, CEO of TradeIX.

The TradeIX Platform is the world’s first open banking platform, focused on trade finance. It facilitates a paradigm shift in operational and compliance cost reduction whilst driving increased market opportunities and enhanced customer experience.

The TradeIX Platform provides state of the art trade and working capital finance solutions for financial institutions and their corporate clients as well as ERP-embedded Working Capital Finance Applications allowing corporates to access multiple different trade finance solutions directly from within their ERP System.

The TradeIX Platform is the world’s first open banking platform, focused on trade finance

The TradeIX Platform provides its clients open APIs purpose-built for the trade and working capital finance allowing corporates and their banks to easily integrate. The Platform’s workflow and rules engine enables users to create and manage workflows, business logic for trade and working capital finance programs. In addition, platform services allow to manage critical cross-platform services such as tasks and alerts, compliance, analytics, reporting, and third-party integrations.

The platform provides an open technology infrastructure powered by Corda that enables real-time exchange of trade data and assets between parties. The TradeIX platform is integrated with the Marco Polo Network, the world’s fastest growing trade finance network.

Launched in 2017, the Marco Polo Network is facilitating trade and working capital finance solutions between banks and their corporate clients creating better customer experience and seamless data integration, while reducing costs, time and risk. The Marco Polo Network includes the world’s leading commercial banks such as BNP Paribas, Commerzbank, ING Standard Chartered Bank, SMBC, DNB, OP Financial Group, Bangkok Bank, Natwest and Natixis.

The scope of the Marco Polo Network is to create an innovative, secure and interoperable market for banks, their corporate clients and the wider trade ecosystem. The Marco Polo Network connects financial institutions and millions of corporate clients of all sizes via ERP-embedded Working Capital Finance Apps and dedicated trade finance solutions.

Founded in 2016, TradeIX has come a long way having launched and operating the world’s first trade finance program leveraging blockchain technology for a Fortune 500 company together with Standard Chartered Bank and AIG. Recently, the company closed an investment round led by ING Ventures, the venture capital arm of ING Bank together with investor Kistefos, BNP Paribas and Tech Mahindra.